We are looking for a new Secretary, ECR and PGR reps, click here for details!

The TSG committee is currently composed of 15 people. Click the role to find out more about the current members and their duties. You can also find a list of previous committee members here.


  • Ken McCaffrey (since January 2020)


  • Casey Nixon (since January 2015)


  • Laura Gregory (since January 2020)

Postgraduate Representative

  • Bailey Lathrop (since January 2019)
  • Bob Bamberg (since January 2019)
  • Christopher McMahon (since January 2020)
  • Phoebe Sleath (since January 2020)

Early Career Representative

  • Jack Williams (since January 2019)
  • Tom Phillips (since January 2019)
  • Alyssa Abbey (since January 2020)
  • Tobias Dalton (since January 2020)
  • Zoe Mildon (since January 2020)

International Representative

  • Alyssa Abbey (since January 2020)

Industry Representative

  • Seb Turner (since January 2016)

Geological Society Science Panel Representative

  • Caroline Gill (since 2016)

Ordinary Member

  • this role is currently not filled