Phillip Benson mugshot

Phillip Benson (University of Portsmouth)

Dr Philip Benson (January 2015-2018)

Philip Benson is a geophysicist with broad experience in structural geology, laboratory rock deformation and fluid induced seismicity, and the application of these to resource extraction and regional tectonics. After obtaining masters degrees in Physics & Astrophysics and Exploration Geophysics, Phillip worked in the oil industry aboard seismic survey vessels (West Africa). Returning to academia in 2001 he worked towards a Ph.D. in Geophysics, investigating anisotropy of crustal rocks at elevated pressures using a diverse suite of laboratory techniques. His current research uses the new generation of rock deformation methods and laboratory acoustic emission (microseismicity) instruments by investigating coupled processes, and how these interact with crustal deformation, with focus ranging from attenuation and reservoir induced seismicity in the applied Geosciences to fundamental questions in volcano-tectonics and earthquake triggering.

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