The Treasurer manages the TSG finances, ensuring that the TSG bank balance is healthy – and active. The Treasurer also prepares a financial report for the AGM and for the Geological Society. The TSG funds are used for the annual meetings, the TSG awards and bursaries, and to support TSG activities – such as TSG-badged meetings and fieldtrips

Laura Gregory (since January 2020)

Laura Gregory is a NERC Independent Research Fellow at the University of Leeds, with research interests in active tectonics, continental deformation, and earthquakes. Laura uses Quaternary geochronology, remote sensing, and field techniques to investigate earthquakes processes over a range of scales in time and space. Her NERC project aims to characterise fault slip over multiple earthquake cycles using cosmogenic isotope analyses on exposed fault scarps in western Turkey, though she sometimes chases earthquakes that occur in the modern day in order to better understand the physical processes of earthquakes and how they are preserved in the landscape. She started out in geology as a student at the University of Florida researching plate reconstructions in the Precambrian, but decided to focus on much more modern tectonics for the rest of her career, taking her to the UK for a PhD via fieldwork in the Altay mountains of Mongolia. When not in the field or the lab, Laura can be found running (plodding) in the Yorkshire hills.


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