Bursaries and funding

TSG Conference Bursaries

The TSG supports students and Early Career Researcher attendance at conferences by providing up to £500 bursary for e.g. conference registration fees, travel, accommodation and subsistence. Up to 6 bursaries are awarded each year. You can read accounts from previous bursary winners here.

Please note 10 bursaries of £500 for PhD students and ECRs to present work at Bergen 2019 have become available. The deadline to apply for this bursary is November 9th. In addition to filling in the Travel Bursary Application, a copy of the conference abstract and a letter of support from the supervisor is required for these awards.

Information for applicants

There are three deadlines for judging bursary applications: 1st March, 1st July and 1st Nov. Applications are welcome any time before these dates (see how to apply below).

Two bursaries will be awarded from each cohort of applications. The awards are aimed at PhD and postgrad students, but not exclusively so – Early Career Researchers (within 3 years of completing their PhD) may also apply.

The TSG secretary will notify you of the committee’s decision within 4 weeks of the deadlines. Given these timescales, we recommend applying for bursaries well in advance of the conference you wish to attend.

How to apply

To apply, please complete the Travel Bursary Application Form and send to the TSG Secretary.

Preference will be given to applicants who:

  •  Are giving an oral or poster presentation at the conference
  •  Are undertaking exciting and scientifically important research relevant to tectonics and structural geology.
  • Appreciate how attending the conference will specifically benefit them and their research.
  • Have engaged with TSG previously, e.g. attended and preferably presented at a TSG conference.
  • Do not have other funding mechanisms to support conference attendance.

The conference should also provide an appropriate environment for dissemination of the applicant’s research, and the costs proposed should be reasonable.

Conditions of the award

We ask bursary award winners to prepare a short article for the TSG website about the conference. The article should be sent to the TSG Secretary within 4 weeks of the conference. You can read accounts from previous bursary winners here.

Once the article has been submitted, and receipts have been sent to the TSG treasurer, you will be sent a cheque to the value of the award.