Eddie Dempsey (University of Hull)

Eddie Dempsey (University of Hull)

Dr Eddie Dempsey (January 2018 – present)

Eddie Dempsey is a lecturer in structural geology in the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of Hull. Hailing from the Republic of Ireland, Eddie’s geological career started with his undergraduate degree at University College Cork. Following this Eddie moved to New Zealand working for the Franz Josef Glacier Guides where he became interested in Kiwi geology. This led Eddie to Liverpool where he completed a PhD on the Alpine Fault Zone mylonites. Following Liverpool, Eddie moved to Durham where he worked as a PDRA and subsequently Teaching Fellow. In 2017 Eddie moved to the newly re-established geology program at Hull University becoming Hulls first structural geology lecturer in over 30 years. Eddies main areas of interest are microstructural geology, basement reactivation, palaeostress analysis and dating of fault rocks using U/Pb and Re/Os.


Casey Nixon (from University of Bergen, Norway)

Casey Nixon (University of Bergen, Norway)

Dr Casey Nixon (January 2018 – present)

‘Casey Nixon is an early career researcher in structural geology and tectonics in the Department of Earth Science at the University of Bergen, Norway. Although originally from Cornwall his geological career started at the University of Edinburgh, where he acquired a taste for anything structural during his undergraduate studies. This led Casey to the University of Southampton where, in 2013, he completed a PhD on the ‘Analysis of Fault Networks and Conjugate Systems’. Following his PhD he continued as a PDRF and a Teaching Fellow at the University of Southampton. During this time Casey moved up in scale working on active rift systems and became involved in an IODP (International Ocean Discovery Program) proposal to drill the Corinth Rift; he is now currently part of the resulting IODP Expedition 381: Corinth Active Rift Drilling. Casey moved to the Norway in 2015, after being awarded a VISTA Scholarship by the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters to investigate and develop the application of topology to fault and fracture networks. Casey’s research interests cover a diverse range of topics including: analysis of fault and fracture networks, fluid flow in fractured rock, fault growth and development, rift evolution and seismogenic hazard assessment.’


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