Jen Roberts (University of Strathclyde) up a tree!

Jen Roberts (University of Strathclyde)

Dr Jen Roberts (January 2015 – 2018)


Jen is an early career researcher in the growing interdisciplinary field of social and environmental risk of energy systems, with particular focus on Carbon Capture and Storage and shale gas. In CCS, Jen researches CO2 flow in the Earths crust – to inform site selection and monitoring of engineered CO2 stores. Jen studies naturally occurring deep CO2 reservoirs that are sealed or are leaking to elucidate the geological controls on CO2 leakage to the Earth surface, and the characteristics and distributions of the resulting CO2 seeps. In shale gas, Jen’s research informs the environmental and social impacts of the technology. In other work, Jen examines methods of effective decision-making on complex topics such as energy development so as to minimise social risk and maximise environmental benefit.

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The Secretary essentially supports the Chair in making sure the committee is running effectively day to day and into the future. Specifically, the Secretary prepares reports for the Geological Society of London and the AGM, organises the TSG prizes and bursaries, minutes committee meetings and prepares content for the web.