The BP Prize is given annually to the best student contribution (talk and/ or poster presentation) at the TSG Annual Meeting. The student must also be the first author and presenting largely their own original research. The winner is decided by a judging panel. The prize was previously sponsored by Shell Exploration Ltd. Since 2018, BP have supported the prize, in recognition of the increasing need for high calibre structural geologists

Previous Winners

2022 – Cole McCormick (Uni of Manchester): “An experimental study of the transition from extensional failure to shear failure in Solnhofen Limestone across a range of stress conditions: Does ‘hybrid failure’ exist?”

2021 – Isabel Ashman (University of Liverpool): Dilation and compaction accompanying changes in slip-velocity in clay-bearing fault gouges

2020 – not awarded

2019 – Joe Aslin (University of Liverpool): Ripplocations: a new mechanism to explain the deformation of phyllosilicates

2018 – Adam Cawood (University of Aberdeen).

Up until 2018 this award was funded by Shell.

2016 – Luke Wedmore (UCL)

2015 – Eldert Advokaat (Royal Holloway, University of London)

2014 – David Wallis (University of Oxford)

2013 – Adam Pacey (Durham University)

2012 – Michael Kelly (Keele University)

2011 – Casey Nixon (University of Southampton)

2010 – Craig Magee (University of Birmingham)

2009 – Richard Walker (Durham University)

2008 – Steven Smith (Durham University)