Our International Rep represents the international TSG community at the TSG annual meetings, and offers ideas and initiatives for TSG that would be attractive or supportive to international members. They also offer a link to the international community’s interests and activities relevant to the TSG. Moreover, they promote and liaise with potential international (European based) hosts for our AGM.

Dickson Cunningham (since 2024)

Dickson Cunningham is a professor of geology with a passion for tectonics, mountain building processes, continental interior deformation and active fault systems.  Since 1994, the focus of his research has largely been on the crustal evolution of central Asia from northern Tibet to Siberia, with other projects involving landslide hazards, tectonic geomorphology, terrane amalgams in Precambrian-Paleozoic orogens, and geological applications of airborne LiDAR.   He currently lives on top of a highly deformed metagabbro in eastern Connecticut, but was at the University of Leicester for 18 years and has conducted 40 years of field-based research in Mongolia, China, Brazil, Patagonia, Cyprus, Slovenia, the western US and New England.

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