Our ECR Reps are post docs or new/junior lecturers representing researchers at these career levels in our annual meetings. They offer ideas and initiatives that would be attractive or supportive to ECRs, and help promoting TSG to these audiences. They also suggest ways of making TSG more appealing to ECRs and encourage attendance at TSG meetings. Moreover, they support the Postgrad Reps and Secretary in preparing content for our media presence.

Laura Burrel (since January 2023)

Aboubaker Farah (since January 2023)

Aboubaker Farah is a structural geologist and working as a senior lecturer at Hassan II University in Casablanca since 2022. Aboubaker completed his PhD at the Faculty of Sciences Ain Chock, Hassan II University of Casablanca. His research interests cover a wide range of disciplines, including field and structural geology, petrology and geochronology. His academic research was rooted in a multi-scale and multidisciplinary approach study of high-grade marbles integrating geological mapping, structural analysis, petrology, geochronology, and petrochronology for the purpose of understanding the chronology and emplacement processes of the mantel rocks (Beni Bousera peridotites in Rif belt, northern Morocco) and their metamorphic envelope, also based on the data of their equivalent in Betic, the Ronda peridotites (North branch of Gibraltar arc, Southern Spain). His past and current projects include many places in Morocco, such as the Rif Alpine Belt (North of Morocco), the Moroccan Anti-Atlas, and the Variscan Belt of North-West Africa.

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Alessandro Petroccia (since January 2024)

Alessandro’s research interest lies in geological mapping, field geology, ductile and brittle deformation, and tectonics in collisional frameworks (such as Variscan and Alpine belts and recently the Oman belt) from low-grade metamorphism up to HP conditions. Alessandro’s activity focuses on a multidisciplinary approach combining geological field mapping, meso- and microstructural investigations on both brittle and ductile deformed rocks, kinematic of the flow and finite strain analyses, Raman Spectroscopy on Carbonaceous Material thermometer, Pressure-Temperature estimates by forward and conventional approaches integrated with high-resolution geochronology, particularly with in-situ monazite geochronology. During his career, Alessandro used different instruments, such as LA-ICP-MS, SEM-EDS, EPMA-WDS, Raman Spectroscopy and Micro-CT tomography.

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Onyedika Igbokwe (since January 2024)

Onyedika Anthony Igbokwe is a structural geologist at the University of St Andrews, where he is an associate lecturer in the School of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Onyedika completed his bachelor’s degree in Geology at the University of Nigeria Nsukka and his master’s degrees in Geospatial Technologies and Geosciences—energy and Resources at the University of Muenster and Ruhr University Bochum, Germany, respectively. He further earned his PhD in structural and carbonate geology at the Ruhr University Bochum.

His current research focuses on finding the next generation of metals, which is a global imperative, by applying his geological expertise to carbonate rocks as a carbon capture target lithology for geothermal heat and to understand more about the formation of carbonatites, one of the richest sources of rare earth elements (REEs) and Niobium. Additionally, Onyedika’s research has targeted the diagenetic history of carbonate rocks in different depositional environments, field characterisation of important regional fault zones, e.g., Carboneras fault (Spain), Latemar faults (Italy), the interaction of fracture networks in diverse rocks, fracture topology, flow in fractures under changing stress conditions, and geomechanical simulations of fracture networks. Further, Onyedika’s research has largely utilised GIS and remote sensing, among many other tools.

Aside from research, Onyedika is an Educationalist and enjoys playing football (being a former semi-professional footballer) with retired professional footballers. 

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