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Dave McCarthy (from British Geological Survey)

Dave McCarthy (from British Geological Survey)

Dr Dave McCarthy (British Geological Survey)

Dave is a structural geologist at the British Geological Survey, and is currently working on the geological evolution of the Falklands Plateau. After completing his BSc in geology at University College Cork, he stayed on to complete a PhD in structural geology. This research compared microstructural and clast-based strain analyses to Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility (AMS) in deformed lithologies in fold and thrust belts (Sevier Belt of Wyoming and Montana, and the Variscides of Southern Ireland). Since joining the BGS his research focus has switched to regional tectonics and includes extensive seismic interpretation. Dave currently leads the BGS team providing petroleum exploration advice to the Falkland Islands Government.

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Role description

ECRs are researchers within ~8 years of being awarded their PhD (i.e. postdocs and lecturers who are relatively new to their post). The role of the ECR rep is to represent ECR members of the TSG community, for example, by considering ideas and initiatives for TSG that would be attractive or supportive to ECRs, and by assisting other members of the committee in roles that can involve the ECR community.