Chris Yeomans (since January 2021)

An Ordinary Member is no ordinary member! There can be a number of Ordinary Members who assist the TSG committee with a range of roles, primarily supporting the Secretary and Postgrad Reps with their responsibilities by preparing content for the TSG website and/or or contributing to the upkeep of TSG social media.

Chris is a postdoctoral research fellow at the Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter. He graduated from University of Birmingham in 2011 and dabbled in magnetotelluric geophysics before moving to Cornwall for an MSc in Mining Geology and a subsequent PhD entitled “Enhancing the geological understanding of SW England using machine learning algorithms”. Chris’ PhD covered a range of topics including granite mapping, semi-automated lineament detection and mineral prospectivity modelling all using data science tools.

Chris’ current research is on identifying fault-controlled geothermal reservoirs for deep geothermal power and heat in SW England. He combines many fields of geoscience including machine learning, remote sensing, GIS and even some field geology to identify these structures and unpick their tectonic evolution. He also works closely with other researchers on regional geology of SW England and keeps active in mineral exploration research that extends from his PhD studies.

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