Ordinary member

Ordinary Member (from Kingston University, London)

Ordinary Member (from Kingston University, London)

Dr Penelope Wilson (2016 – Present)

Penelope Wilson is an early-career structural and igneous geologist at Kingston University, London.  Penelope completed her MSci degree in Geological Sciences at Durham University, before moving to Kingston University, London, to carry out post-graduate research on “the volcano-tectonic evolution of epithermal Au-Ag mineralisation in Waihi, New Zealand” and, subsequently, her PhD on the “Direct linking of host rock deformation structures to the emplacement, morphology and accommodation of high-level igneous intrusions: the Henry Mountains, Utah”. Since attaining her doctorate, Penelope has remained at Kingston as a Part-time Lecturer in Tectonics, Earth Structure and Geohazards and Postdoctoral Researcher, lecturing on structural geology, tectonics, geophysical exploration, and geohazards. Penelope has been an active member of the Tectonics Studies Group since January 2013 when she took on the role of student representative on the committee, helping to bring the TSG to the modern world of social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & updated Website. Penelope also co-organised the TSG Annual Meeting 2016 at UCL. Current ongoing research projects include: fracture spacing of host-rocks to igneous intrusions; and detailed Crystal Size Distribution (CSD) and textural analyses of igneous samples in order to better understand the magmatic evolution of the intrusions in the Henry Mountains, Utah.



An Ordinary Member is no ordinary member! There can be a number of Ordinary Members who assist the TSG committee with a range of roles, primarily supporting the Secretary and Postgrad Reps with their responsibilities by preparing content for the TSG website and/or or contributing to the upkeep of TSG social media.

If you are interested in being an Ordinary Member, please get in touch with the Secretary.