In 2021, the TSG Annual Meeting was held online due to the coronavirus pandemic. To build on our 2019 gender diversity report, we wanted to begin gathering diversity data proactively and anonymously. This will enable us to be more inclusive of marginalised genders, avoid mis-gendering participants and to collect a wider range of diversity data. We ran a survey of the presenters and session chairs in March 2021, using Google Forms. The data in this post is based on the 73 out of 115 (63% response rate) responses we received, therefore the data presented here is not a complete picture.  

The survey was designed to specifically gather data on gender (i.e. man/woman/non-binary), and not sex (i.e. male/female/intersex). This survey also collected data on career stage, sexuality, disability, ethnicity and geography – these identities are experience intersectionally, but we present only independent responses to avoid identifying individuals in our community.

The two infographics below summarise the gender and wider diversity of the presenters. We go into more detail in our Diversity Survey Summary and we also look back at the recommendations of Bubeck and Farrell (2019).