We are happy to announce that the first Tectonics Studies Group & Metamorphic Studies Group joint meeting will be hosted by the University of Plymouth on 3rd-5th January 2018, with optional workshops on the 6th of January.


Registration is now open with the deadline for early bird registration and abstract submission being 12:00 noon on 17th November 2017. Please note that your abstract will be accepted only if you register for the conference. 

The conference aims to showcase the latest developments in tectonics, structural geology and metamorphic geology, and to foster collaborations between their research communities.

Confirmed keynote speakers

  • Giulio Viola (Bologna, Italy): The importance of combining a detailed structural analysis with isotopic dating of deformation before using brittle faults in our models
  • Stephen Cox (ANU Canberra, Australia): The internal structure of high fluid flux faults and the behaviour of injection-driven swarms
  • Sandra Piazolo (Leeds, UK): The interplay between deformation and metamorphism: A key to unravel Earth’s processes
  • Alberto Vitale-Brovarone (Paris, France): Serpentinisation and abiotic methanogenesis from oceanic detachment faults to subduction: structural inheritance and deep C cycling

The conference program will be designed around the following proposed thematic sessions:


TSG sessions (Wednesday 3rd January and Friday 5th January):

T1 – Palaeoseismology and the geology of the earthquake source

T2 – Fault and shear zone rheology in nature and experiments

T3 – Regional tectonics

T4 – The evolution and architecture of rifted margins

T4 – Neotectonics

T5 – Structural geology and energy resources

TSG-MSG joint sessions (Thursday 4th January):

TM1 – The fundamental interplay between deformation and metamorphism at all length- and time scales

TM2 – Fluid flow in the lithosphere and its impact on mineral reactions and deformation

TM3 – Continental tectonics and mountain building processes


In addition, abstract submissions showcasing a wide range of on-going research in tectonics, structural geology, metamorphic geology, and related disciplines also outside the range of above themes are welcome and encouraged, and will be assigned to the TSG and MSG general sessions to be held on 5th January.

Two workshops will run on Saturday 6th January. Dr Florian Fusseis from the University of Edinburgh will deliver a short course on 3D and 4D x-ray imaging in Earth Sciences, and Dr Sarah Boulton from the Uiversity of Plymouth will give a introductory course to GIS with applications to neotectonics studies. The workshops will be free of charge. More information to follow.

Social events will include a Meet & Greet event on Tuesday 2nd January (The Roundabout pub), an ice-breaker party on Wednesday 3rd January, and the conference dinner on Thursday 4th Janaury at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

The deadline for abstract submission is 12:00 noon (UK time) on 3rd November 2017. Please note that your abstract will be accepted only if you register to the conference.


You can follow the conference on Twitter: @TSG_MSG2018.

And if you have any questions please forward them onto the organising committee (Luca Menegon, Sarah Boulton, Iain Stewart, Mark Anderson, Aude Gebelin) via: TSG2018@plymouth.ac.uk

We look forward to seeing you all at the meeting!