The Secretary essentially supports the Chair in making sure the committee is running effectively day to day and into the future. Specifically, the Secretary prepares reports for the Geological Society of London and the AGM, organises the TSG prizes and bursaries, minutes committee meetings and prepares content for the web.

Dr Dave McCarthy (since 2021)

Dave McCarthy is a structural geologist at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh, where he is Head of Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste.  After a failed attempt at a degree in computer science, Dave completed a geology degree and a PhD at University College Cork. His PhD research focussed on strain analysis and quantifying deformation in fold and thrust belts, with extensive field work in the Rockies of Montana and Wyoming. Since joining the BGS in 2014, his research has focussed on the structural evolution of the basins surrounding the Falkland Islands and how they are linked to regional scale tectonics. Dave’s research interests include a wide range of topics from microstructures in quartz, analysis of fault systems using seismic reflection data, to the tectonic evolution of the south Atlantic. When not staring at faults, Dave can be found in the mountains, although his current lockdown hobbies include eating too much cheese and building guitars.

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