The Secretary essentially supports the Chair in making sure the committee is running effectively day to day and into the future. Specifically, the Secretary prepares reports for the Geological Society of London and the AGM, organises the TSG prizes and bursaries, minutes committee meetings and prepares content for the web.

Dr Tara Stephens (since 2024)

Tara Stephens is a structural geologist at the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh where she works in the National and International Geoscience team. Tara completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Leicester and continued there for her PhD. Her PhD research focussed on the controls on emplacement and geometry of sub-horizontal magmatic sheet intrusions (sills), which included fieldwork on the Isles of Mull and Skye, UK, and in the San Rafael Subvolcanic Field, Utah, USA. After completing her PhD Tara worked for two year out of academia as a geologist/project coordinator at a core analysis company. Tara then undertook a two-year Research Fellow position at the University of Aberdeen, in the Sand Injection Research Group, where her work focussed on understanding the development of sand injectite hydrofracture networks and final network architecture, which involved extensive fieldwork in California, USA.  Since joining the BGS in 2023, she has been involved in ground and underground surveys for hydro pumped storage scheme projects in the Highlands, regional mapping projects, and fault characterisation. Taras research interests include structural geology, volcanology, rock mechanics, and tectonics. If not found outside scrabbling around rocks, can often be found at home baking (or eating said cake!).

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