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Luca Menegon (from Plymouth University)

Luca Menegon (from Plymouth University)

Dr Luca Menegon (2017 – Present)

Luca Menegon is lecturer in structural geology and tectonics at Plymouth University since 2013. His research aims to constrain deformation processes of Earth’s materials in exhumed faults and shear zones to understand rock rheology, lithosphere strength and strain localization along major faults and plate boundaries. Luca’s research is field based, and brings him to work in spectacular places such as the Lofoten islands, the Scandinavian Caledonides and the Alps. Luca integrates field work with microstructural studies of deformed rocks primarily through electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD). His current projects investigate the geological record of the earthquake cycle in the lower crust, the relationships between deformation, fluid transport, metamorphism and partial melting in lower crustal sections, and brittle-viscous deformation cycles in quartz at the base of the seismogenic zone.

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The Geological Society of London is comprised of a number of Specialist Groups, of which TSG is one. Each of the Specialist Group Reps is a member of the committee of another specialist group, and their role is to recognise opportunities or initiatives that could combine the groups’ interests or could be mutually beneficial to specialist groups beyond TSG.