Dr Alodie Bubeck, University of Leicester. January 2019 – present

Photograph of Alodie Bubeck

Alodie’s research focusses on the controls on fault propagation in crystalline rock and covers several scales of structural characterization and brittle deformation styles. Alodie uses a range of techniques to inform her work, including LiDAR and photogrammetry, experimental rock deformation, numerical modelling, optical and CT-based microstructural analysis, and traditional field-based structural geology.

After completing her MSci in geology at University College London, she moved to Durham University to work as a research scientist for Geospatial Research Ltd. After three adventurous years, she embarked on a PhD at Cardiff University, focusing on the kinematic and geometric evolution of interacting rift faults in basaltic systems, which she completed in 2016. She is now based at at the University of Leicester investigating deformation mechanisms and development of the Husavik-Flatey oceanic transform fault with the assistance of the Geological Society of London Mike Coward Fieldwork Grant.

Alodie is mostly in charge of the TSG Twitter account.

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Broad Role
• Provide the link between the TSG and GSL through attending and reporting on meetings of the GSL Science Committee and meetings of the TSG committee.
• TSG is one of several Specialist Groups of the Geological Society of London (GSL). The GSL Science Committee ensures the delivery of the GSL Science Strategy, and the GSL scientific meetings program – which includes the TSG meetings and programs. To this end, the Science Committee rep is responsible for working with TSG to encourage and support our meetings and events, update the Science Committee about our activities, and strengthen the link between TSG and the Geol Soc.
Specific Role
• The Science Committee meet 3 times a year. In advance of these meetings the SC rep must inform the TSG committee to allow any issues to be raised and fed back to GSL.