Cardiff 2014

The TSG Annual Conference and AGM 2014 was held in Cardiff University from January 6th to 8th. There were numerous talks and posters presented over the three day conference, covering a diverse range of subjects and with significant student participation. Highlights included: three talks from invited speakers Joern Kruhl, Nestor Cardozo and Neil Mancktelow; a Technical Discussion on Fracking with talks from Pete Styles, Zoe Shipton, Ernie Rutter and Oliver Taylor (UK Onshore Gas Limited) and lots of lively debate; and a Conference Dinner in the beautifully ornate Cardiff Town Hall.

There was a post-conference fieldtrip to the South Wales Coast, organised by Richard Lisle and Tom Blenkinsop, held on January 9. Participants visited two classic localities:

  • Nash point, where Liassic limestones and shales are cut by strike-slip faults associated with spectacular joint patterns; and
  • the Carboniferous limestones at Mumbles, where the Tutt Head thrust zone can be viewed and studied.

Photos from the event can be found in the Gallery.

Link to Conference Abstracts: TSG_Cardiff_2014_Abstracts