The TSG Annual Conference and AGM 2014 was held in Cardiff University from January 6th to 8th. There were numerous talks and posters presented over the three day conference, covering a diverse range of subjects and with significant student participation. Highlights included: three talks from invited speakers Joern Kruhl, Nestor Cardozo and Neil Mancktelow; a Technical Discussion on Fracking with talks from Pete Styles, Zoe Shipton, Ernie Rutter and Oliver Taylor (UK Onshore Gas Limited) and lots of lively debate; and a Conference Dinner in the beautifully ornate Cardiff Town Hall.

There was a post-conference fieldtrip to the South Wales Coast, organised by Richard Lisle and Tom Blenkinsop, held on January 9. Participants visited two classic localities:

  • Nash point, where Liassic limestones and shales are cut by strike-slip faults associated with spectacular joint patterns; and
  • the Carboniferous limestones at Mumbles, where the Tutt Head thrust zone can be viewed and studied.

Link to Conference Abstracts: TSG_Cardiff_2014_Abstracts