The Chair essentially oversees the TSG committee, making sure that it is running effectively and that plans for the future are sound. As well as coordinating the committee and the AGM, the Chair also reports to the Geological Society of London and attends their Science Committee meetings.

Prof Ken McCaffrey (since January 2020) 

Ken McCaffrey is a structural geologist at Durham University who works on rift basins, continental margins and mountain belts with focus on the role of tectonic inheritance. He also investigates earthquake-prone faults in extensional settings and has worked on how igneous intrusions are emplaced, how volcano alignments form in arc systems and the fault and fracture scaling and connectivies in hydrothermal systems, reservoir rocks and fault zones. His work is underpinned by geospatial modelling methods including GIS-based structural analysis and digital fieldwork technologies including high spatial resolution lidar, GNSS data acquisition and UAV drone techniques.

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