Arthur Holmes Meeting 2016

The Wilson cycle – Plate Tectonics and Structural Inheritance During Continental Deformation

23rd-25th  May 2016

Geological Society of London, Burlington House, London

This meeting will mark fiftieth anniversary of Tuzo Wilson’s paper asking “Did the Atlantic close and then re-open?”. This paper was one of the culminating papers in a series he published and which led to the “Wilson cycle” concept in which the repeated opening and closing of ocean basins along old orogenic belts is a key process in the assembly and breakup of supercontinents. This conference brings together geophysicists, structural geologists, and modellers in order to reassess the legacy of the Wilson Cycle concept in continental tectonics. We hope to develop a more integrated understanding of how structural inheritance influences the evolution of geological architectures in crustal deformation zones across a range of scales and tectonic environments. Studies from both surface and sub-surface settings are welcome and the enthusiastic participation of geoscientists from the petroleum and mineral exploration industry is encouraged. Distinguished speakers will be invited to speak on key topics including the fundamentals of the Wilson Cycle.

Abstract deadline is 18th December, 2015 (note, we will still be accepting poster abstracts after this date). Please send you abstract (max 400 words) to Ruth Houlsby ( at the Geological Society.