Abstract Volume

TSG 2020 took place at the University of Hull and was held at Middleton Hall. The conference was hosted by the University of Hull’s Department of Geography, Geology and Environment, in conjunction with the Energy and Environment Institute, and was convened by Dr Eddie Dempsey, Dr Anna Bird, Dr Jon Pownall and Professor Dan Parsons.

The conference kicked off on the 6th of January with a fieldtrip to Flamborough Head along the Yorkshire coastline, looking at some spectacular exposures of glaciotectonics as well as deformed chalks within the Flamborough Head Fault Zone. For those who didn’t attend the fieldtrip, the conference began in earnest with the Icebreaker held at the Corn Exchange in Hull’s historic Old Town.

The conference programme saw a wide range of scientists of all backgrounds and experiences presenting on a range of different topics, with keynote addresses from Prof Tim Wright, Prof Bob Holdsworth, Prof Sandra Piazolo, Prof Christie Rowe and Dr Dave McNamara. The Annual General Meeting saw the election and confirmation of a number of new members to the committee, including Professor Ken McCaffrey taking over as Chair following Professor Clare Bond and Dr Laura Gregory taking on treasurer duties following Professor Phil Benson. Chris McMahon and Phoebe Sleath were elected as Postgrad reps, Dr Zoe Mildon and Dr Tobias Dalton as new ECR reps and Dr Alyssia Abbey as an ECR/International rep. A massive thank you to all those outgoing and for their time on the committee!

The TSG awards and prizes were awarded at the conference meal, held at Tapasya located along the Marina. The mapping prize was won by Maria Noone of University College Dublin, with second place going to Emily Pegge at the University of Hull. The Ramsay medal was awarded to Thomas Lamont of Oxford, for his paper entitled “Compressional origin of the Naxos metamorphic core complex, Greece: Structure, petrography, and thermobarometry”. Honourable mentions went to Anindita Samsu, Billy Andrews and Alessio Lucca. The Sue Treagus prize for best conference poster went to Amy Hughes who was “Investigating Wear Rate and Frictional Behaviour of Porous Geomaterials Using Sintered Glass Analogues” and Piotr Strzelecki who presented on “The occurrence of deformation bands in a fold-and-thrust belt – an example from the Silesian Nappe, Outer Carpathians, Poland”; special mentions were given to Billy Andrews and James Shaw. The winner of the Mike Coward prize for best student presentation was Bailey Lathrop who talked about “The temporal evolution of syn-sedimentary normal faults and the possible role of tip retreat”, with Rebecca Macaskill-Robertson as runner up. Huge congratulations to all of the prize winners!!