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Virtual Geology

In an overwhelming response to the spread of Covid-19, which had most of us confined to our homes and put a sudden halt to hands-on teaching, the geoscience community made available a host of digital resources for online teaching including virtual field trips, digital microscopy platforms and thin section collections, online lectures, and so much more. TSG is collating some of these to make them more accessible. Please help us grow this collection by forwarding any useful material you may come across to TSG.

Virtual Geology Collection


We as an academic community stand in solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter and with our Black colleagues.

Science does not exist in a bubble, and our biases affect every level of academic society, from undergraduate admissions to who gets to talk at conferences.
It is not enough for us to simply say “I’m not racist”. It is our responsibility for the good of science and society to listen, educate ourselves and change our practices. We are committed to listen, learn and challenge racism and bias within our community.

Our code of conduct explicitly states that we will not tolerate racist comments or jokes towards any member. We are a small organisation, but we can do more and we want to lead positive change.

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